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Let me be straightforward: you should cut added sugars in order to reduce the amount consumed. But sugar is often hidden in food products; and since it has so many different names, it is difficult to identify. Low-fat products in particular, are riddled with hidden sugars.

We should move away from the low-fat dogma, and governments and regulators should absolutely support that shift. We should be looking to restore food habits we once had, where fat was considered healthy and sugar was not so frequently found in food. Those in charge of publishing dietary guidelines should recognise the scientific evidence supporting fat over sugar and take immediate action.

A healthy balance of fats should always be a key component of the diet. Palm oil is a prime example of this – it is good and healthy; and its balanced composition of saturated and unsaturated fat makes it also ideal for cooking.

Furthermore, it is very difficult to over-consume fat, as it is very satiating. Consuming fat in a low-carbohydrate diet also makes it easier for the body to access fat for energy.

Consumers are able to decide what they eat. However, they should be guided by the best available science. Moving away from added sugars and other carbohydrates, while adding more natural fats like palm oil, will rapidly improve health. It is time that regulators recognise, and endorse, this fact.

Dr Guy­André Pelouze
Cardio-thoracic Surgeon



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